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objectives affected by energy issues. while the national debate is over, tubes and mobile biological weapons labs, internal documents note that increased oil production in a post war iraq would have the vul effect of reducing world oil prices. >> prior to our even going to war in iraq, the focus was on oil. and iraqi oil and how to take it over far more than anything else. >> joining me now is rachel maddow, the host of the "the rachel maddow" show and "why we did it." what is the answer after all of your work on this? >> i think, andrea, the question is the most important part, which is the decisions of our generation on national security are determined more than anything by what the george w. bush administration did with that nine-year war in iraq and alongside of the 13-year war in afghanistan that's still going on. the american people are against those wars. those are the determine tif constraint for thinking about everything from crimea to syria to what the overall size of the u.s. military is. if we want avoid those protracted foreign -- we can't make good decisions until we understand
in europe, where, of course, they all dependent on russia for their energy, for less expensive natural gas. so some, including germany, are a little more reluctant to be tough with vladimir putin and to agree to tougher sanctions against russia. he's also trying to encourage ukraine, and he brought with him ukraine's acting foreign minister who i'm told recently was one of the protesters in the square. he himself, now he's the acting foreign minister and leading this young transitional group, trying to stand against russia. so what kerry is trying to do by bringing him here to paris is elevate him to give him legitimacy and help him stand up to russia and also help persuade his colleagues that they should avoid any military confrontation that would give putin a pretex to move further into ukraine. and frankly, that is what u.s. officials think is really putin's end game. they believe he does want to take over ukraine. that this is part of his grand vision to re-create what was lost with the end of the soviet union, to re-create a russian federation that is really an empire. they don't know
energy and effort of our administration is going into this discussion right now. and the president has taken no option off the table. >> let me ask you about north korea because the u.n. has exposed for all to see the horrors of those death camps, the prison camps in north korea, the human rights wing of the u.n. is taking it up in geneva. a former prison guard testified that he witnessed dogs attacking five children. two of the children survived the attacks by the dog and were buried alive. how -- how much longer can this go on with china protecting its client, north korea, and the u.n. not recommending that the leaders of north korea be taken to the world court? and prosecuted if they could possibly be captured? >> well, i think that -- i think that every aspect of that report is a huge human -- is a huge service to all of us. and i applaud the report. north korea is one of the most closed and cruel places on earth. there's no question about it. there's evil that is taking place there that all of us aught to be deeply and are deeply concerned about. i just came back from china. the p
this together and resist pressure on in terms of rising energy prices and also the threat of military force, that they can resist pressure from vladimir putin. he was strikingly passion nal having had the moving experience of walking by the square where the resistance took place, seeing the barricade still there, seeing the tires and barbed wire and flower for the martl mart martyrs, the heavenly hundred, all men and one woman who died in the sniper fire. it was an emotional day and business of trying to meet with interim leaders and tell them that the united states will stand with them $1 billion in loan guarantees. there has been some softening among the allies. here's you've got kerry and the president saying that vladimir putin will be isolated from the world economically and politically by his fans and by having operational control illegally says the united states in crimea. but putin was certainly defiant today taking questions for an hour and showing no sense of reality tomorrow. denying the troops were even in crimea. there's no sign that putin is taking note of this pressure from t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4